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Transym Computer Services is a leading provider of highly accurate and reliable optical character recognition (OCR) software for developers and integrators. Our engine (TOCR) has been used by thousands of companies around the world to bring consistency and precision to their own in-house and commercial solutions.

We're constantly pushing ourselves to create better and more innovative software – whether by expanding TOCR's range of recognised European languages, or enhancing its ability to read almost obliterated text.

Our products are developed with integration in mind – and in a field where many of the leading optical character recognition products can be unreliable, we're proud to offer a truly scalable, accurate solution.

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The Selection Conundrum

Are all OCR engines created equal?

Choosing the right product in a market where everyone is supposedly the fastest and most accurate poses a dilemma: who to believe? You know that they can't all be the best - or is OCR a rare example of an industry where all products are created equal?

Part of the problem is that OCR software providers have no defined benchmarks for testing, and no uniform code of standards to follow. This makes it difficult to compare performance statistics between different suppliers. The following may go some way to explaining why so many established integrators have turned to TOCR, even if they've used other products in the past.

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The Integrators Choice

We've been refining our OCR engine (TOCR) for a decade. Over that time TOCR has evolved from an innovative piece of software to a fully scalable, robust and accurate solution used by thousands of government bodies and corporate clients across the globe.

TOCR is specifically designed for ease of integration – and most of our clients are large-scale integrators, looking for a fully tested solution.

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TOCR 4.0 will run on Windows 8 (but not on Windows RT or touchscreen devices), Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Home Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP and XP x64. It will not run on smartphone or tablet devices. To download TOCR, sample source code, or for FAQs, please refer to our desktop site.

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