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Transym has been a pioneer in OCR technology for a decade - but we've been around since the early 1980s. Beginning life as an IT contractor for the UK ministry of defence, Transym was involved in founding Elan (now Expiris), one of Britain's first large IT recruitment companies.

This is where our founders encountered OCR software for the first time – and saw the limitations of currently available programs. Elan wanted to scan and collate all CV and account data – but none of the OCR engines were up to the job, either crashing frequently or offering very poor accuracy.

Following that frustrating experience, Transym's founders resolved to create a truly accurate, stable and reliable OCR software solution. After assembling a team with extensive technical and business experience, it took several years of constant innovation, not to mention blood, sweat and tears, to produce the first commercial version of TOCR in 2002.

Since then, our hard work has paid off – with TOCR 4.0 now one of the most accurate engines available on the market. Unlike some other providers of OCR software, we're focused entirely on refining TOCR, and not on other forms of IT software packaging.

Versions and development

Since 2002, TOCR has gone through several new versions, with a second generation created in 2005. This major step incorporated Lex support for European languages, automatic language recognition and multi-licence/multi-processor options for increased speed and flexibility.

TOCR 4.0 is our most advanced engine to date, and the most accurate solution on the market.

Our constant testing and development means that we are always training TOCR to read and understand an ever greater variety of documents and images, as well as improving stability and ease of integration. We look forward to unveiling even more advanced and innovative versions of the TOCR engine in the future.


Back in 1990, our vision was to provide world class OCR solutions that were truly accurate and reliable. The never ending search for perfect accuracy and stability has driven our innovative approach to OCR software development.

Today our mission remains very much the same. We want to continually push the boundaries of what integrators and businesses expect from an OCR. Our aim is to produce the world's most accurate OCR engine, tailored for integrators, for an affordable price. We aim to do all this whilst continually improving TOCR performance and its range of features.

Why OCR and why integrators?

We think that the problem with most commercially available OCR engines is that they fail to offer true accuracy, despite claims to the contrary. OCR is an extremely tough area to get right – and when a solution such as TOCR arrives, it's very difficult for competitors to reproduce the same results. The sheer level of innovation and development involved in creating TOCR means that we're unlikely to simply be forced out of the market by a larger company – there's just too much going on “under the bonnet”.

Our mission to provide dedicated support to integrators is born partly from our own experience trying to find a reliable solution back in the early 1990s, and partly from a desire to offer a specialised product that can truly be ranked as the best in the world.

We've always believed that OCR engines could do better. And now we're proving it.


At Transym, we've been dedicated to developing leading OCR software for over a decade. Having struggled to find a quality engine for ourselves back in the 1990s, we understand what companies and integrators are looking for in an OCR. It was the belief that we could do things better that has driven us on to produce a truly reliable OCR engine.

Transym is a privately held company. From the initial product testing to our personalised customer support, we strive for quality in every aspect of our business. Our passionate team of engineers and technical experts are intimately involved with every product version and innovation. Motivated by the desire to create the best OCR product on the market, we're continually improving TOCR with an ever-expanding range of features.

We believe that we've developed algorithms and techniques that are unique to our products. While no OCR may ever be genuinely 100% accurate, we don't think anyone's come closer to offering true accuracy and quality than Transym.

Dedication to integrators

As we continue to refine our TOCR engine, we do so with integration in mind. We're one of the only companies that's focused on making things easier for integrators – and not on offering various software bundles in one-size-fits-all packages.

It's this dedication to developers and integrators that has led us to be the only provider of OCR solutions to include a full software development kit - not only in the full version of our product but in our free trials too.


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