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CCI rely on Transym to add more power

The digital age has increased the pace at which business is conducted. Companies need quick access to working documentation to maintain a competitive edge. Document management applications have proven to be an effective solution to this growing problem.

Capture Plus, a Transym OCR partner, is a leading provider of affordable document management solutions for a wide range of customers.

"As the value leader in capture solutions, we needed a cost effective but reliable OCR engine that kept pace with the flexibility and power of our solution - especially for operator unattended processes,” says Randall Kochis, CEO of Westchester based CCI.

Capture Plus was designed in an "open architecture" environment to leverage free tools from Microsoft and Adobe. There was a strong requirement to maintain the integrity of their strategy and avoid any proprietary technology.

Transym OCR's flexible, non invasive technology was the ideal solution.

"We use TOCR to perform zone OCR and then perform lookups and extraction of data from any accounting system database,” explains Kochis. “Zone OCR is also very useful for creating other automated flows which preclude the need for any manual indexing.”

This is a very popular application for wholesale distributors who perform zone OCR on their invoice and order numbers in order to validate against the data within their accounting system. This can involve large numbers of documents being batch processed, so a reliable solution that can work uninterrupted is essential.

TOCR's ability to both minimise the number of errors encountered and to efficiently handle those that there are without stalling was a key factor in CCI's selection of the technology.

"We also use TOCR to split documents based on words and to create searchable PDFs for simple and fast document retrieval,” added Kochis.

The result is that CCI have been able to maintain their open architecture strategy and produce a great value product that sells around the world.

"Historically, I used another vendor for my OCR engine, but I found their solution to be inferior to TOCR in many ways. The main reason, of course, is reliability. No comparison,” says Kochis.

"Capture Plus would not be as powerful without the use of TOCR. It is the best value in the marketplace."

For more information on how Capture Plus can help you capture and manage your essential documents contact Randall Kochis at CCI at rkochis @ / 001-610-436-6002.

Prime Recognition praise Transym for accuracy

Large volume document scanning requires a high level of accuracy for it to prove cost effective when compared to manual data entry. Through their extensive research, Prime Recognition have identified that 66% of all lifetime imaging costs are attributable to correcting errors. For those processing a lot of documents, that could prove to be quite an expense over time.

To overcome this, Prime OCR uniquely incorporates six OCR engines which are automatically called upon to vote on documents that the primary engine has identified as difficult or of poor quality. Transym have partnered with Prime Recognition to integrate the TOCR engine into Prime OCR to add further accuracy and reliability to the solution.

Transym's intensive testing, research and development processes have produced one of the best performing single engine solutions currently available.

"Prime Recognition continually evaluates OCR products to include with the six OCR engines we currently use in our voting system. As both a developer of OCR technology and a very sophisticated user of OCR technology we are in a good position to evaluate OCR products,” says Kenn Dahl, president of Prime Recognition Inc.

“Transym is the first new engine that we've tested in 14 years that is competitive with the leading engines. This is quite an accomplishment as the leading engines represent hundreds of man years of development, it is usually very difficult for relatively new companies to catch up. I look forward to what Transym can accomplish in the future building from their strong position."

Transym are committed to further increasing the accuracy and reliability of our solutions. By creating products that are optimised for ease of integration, we enable partners such as Prime Recognition to frequently enhance their own offerings, maintaining their competitive edge and driving their performance forward.

Prime Recognition was founded in 1993 in Silicon Valley and relocated to the Seattle area in 2000. Internationally recognised for their high accuracy production systems they have won numerous awards including Best of AIIM, and Product of the Year from Imaging Magazine.

For more information on Prime Recognition or their solutions please visit:

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