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Ease of Integration

TOCR's easy to use interface and non-invasive code mean that you can create your own robust in-house and commercial OCR solutions fast, and at little cost.

Our product is specifically designed with integration in mind, unlike some one-size-fits-all packages that that are not customisable for developers.

We're the only provider of OCR solutions to include a free software development kit, not only in the full product version, but in our free trials.

The integrator's checklist:

Before you choose an OCR engine, you should check for the following features:

  • Free software development kit, not only in the full product version, but in any free trials (most providers charge over $1000).
  • Designed primarily with integration in mind – with close to perfect accuracy.
  • Flexible and non-invasive technology. Works seamlessly alongside your existing software and doesn't automatically override your default applications.
  • Example routines provided in C, C#, Visual Basic, VB.Net, Delphi and Python  to enable fast integration and to provide working solutions.
  • Dedicated, responsive IT and account support.
  • Fully stable, reliable and continually tested software.
  • Fully scalable – able to combine up to 255 engines for high capacity solutions.
  • Multi user agreements with seamless licence code integration.

Rich features

  • Specifically designed for integrators
  • Free programmable API
  • Font independent
  • Reliable and stable – with no “ down time”
  • Superior character and word accuracy
  • Optimisation for poor backgrounds
  • Automatic orientation detection
  • Fully scalable

Accuracy leader

TOCR is one of the most vigorously tested OCR engines available, making it a market leader in accuracy.

TOCR was and is trained by presenting it with real pages and then testing accuracy against known verification data and feeding back this information to the learning program.

Our system is so sophisticated that we are often able to read difficult text that other OCR engines will give up on.

Cost effective

We've tested some of the more popular competitor products on our data and have yet to find a more robust or accurate OCR engine.

Fully scalable, TOCR can run on up to 255 processors on a single machine.

Our no-fuss approach and simple, easy to use API means that we can offer high performance at great value.

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